Friday, August 22, 2014

Vancouver memories

I was there… by an improbable connection between a father who bought 3 tickets for himself, his wife and daughter. The wife backed out, the dad knew my father and asked if I would like to go. I was 11 and already locked in as a lifetime fan. We traveled from Vernon BC to Vancouver to watch.
I remember good chunks of the concerts. – Fred

I was 14 and in the first row centre section on the field. Of course no one sat down and it was a near riot, lasting only 27 minutes. Yes, Red annoyed John, but his intervention was probably needed. To date then, the police had not encountered mass Beatlemania, espec. in young, LOUD, Canadian teenagers! Magical time. Noisy or what? No wonder we terrified George (his words). Imagine.   –suzki

I was at this concert. It was in Empire Stadium. They had clusters of horns on either side of the stage. This had to be a direct mike recording because there was a 30 minute riot going on while they played and the sound was barely audible through the deafening shrill of the mass scream.  –Willy

I was an18 year old kid just starting out in the music business. My first gig was playing in Dal Richards band as an opening act to this show. Aug22 1964. I got paid 22.15 for the show. At the time it was a big nothing but now my kids won't believe me. Ha Ha. Anyway just a bit of old trivia. I retired June 14th 2010 after 45 years.  –anonymous

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  1. These accounts of this concert gives me chills!!!! One of my all-time fave Beatle concerts.....and congrats to Anonymous on his retirement! (and for opening up for the Beatles!!!!)