Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Trill of a Lifetime

First three photos taken by Timothy Eagan

In an article called A Thrill of a Lifetime a radio DJ who was at the Beatles concert in Seattle recalls his memories of the fab concert 50 years ago today.

“The event was a phenomenon,” said Seattle radio personality Pat O’Day, who introduced the Beatles to the sold-out auditorium 50 years ago. “It opened the door and our eyes to what the concert business could be.”  “I went home saying, ‘I think I just saw a piece of history made tonight,’” he said.

 “I had gotten acquainted with George Harrison backstage, and I was standing right next to that tiny stage at the end of the coliseum, standing there, looking up at George,” he recalled. “The screaming was so loud. George looked down at me, shook his head, unplugged his guitar for about 30 seconds, and plugged it back in and said, ‘It doesn’t make any difference. They can’t hear it anyway.’”

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