Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Sahara Hotel

The Beatles wanted to go to Las Vegas so that they could see the city that they had heard about for themselves.  Little did they know that there was no way that they could do any type of sightseeing or going out and they were going to be confined to suite 2344 of the Sahara hotel the entire time.

They passed the time playing with the slot machine that was brought up to the suit (all except for John was declared for some reason that gambling was evil and he even told a reporter later in the tour the same thing and stated how you never see him in the photos touching the machine), watching television and oh yeah.....there were two underage girls.....

The story Larry Kane tells in his book Lennon Revealed was that in Las Vegas, twin girls who were very young who snuck past security and got into the Beatles hotel room.   The Beatles had sympathy for the fans who just wanted to meet them and invited them to stay awhile.  John asked them if they'd like to watch some television.  So John was on one bed and the girls were sitting on another and John dozed off to sleep.   Meanwhile, the girls just sat there watching him sleep.    The mother of these two girls was worried and upset and went into the Sahara and demanded to get the girls out of the room and take them home! 

So Mal Evans found them in John's room and woke up Larry Kane at around 5:00a.m. and had him dress in a suit and tie and explain the situation to the angry mother.    John always claimed that nothing sexual happened with these young girls and that they just watched telly.     Ivor Davis says that a settlement of $10,000 was made with the girls' mother over the whole ordeal.   A version of the story can be found here.  

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  1. Of COURSE they were just watching the telly. I mean, what else could it have been?