Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Heartbroken Beatle Fan

They Leave Behind a Heartbroken Beatle Fan
By Jeanne Voltz

The Beatles left a broke heart in Los Angeles today.   Cathy Owens, 14, had come from San Diego to make a presentation of two trophies to the group, only to be turned away at the last moment.  The awards were from the San Diego fan club of which Cathy is the president.

"Everyone was so proud because I was going to personally make the presentation," she sobbed.  "They all counted on me.  Now I've let them down."

Cathy's mother said that the fan club's 80 members had worked since March to earn the money for the trophies.  One was for Ringo and inscribed "Ringo--the world's Greatest Drummer."  The other was for the whole group in appreciation for all the joy they bring to the club members.

The Beatles didn't intentionally snub Cathy.  The blame should be placed on the public relations that follows the four young entertainers where ever they go --that phenomena called "Beatlemania."

As Cathy tearfully said,  "Paul knew I was there and tried to come back.  He wanted to come back, but they kept pushing him away."

"They" were the fans who pressed around the group after a press conference last night at the Cinnamon Cinder, a teenager night club in Studio City.

John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and  George Harrison were led through the crowd of screaming, shoving, autograph-seeking teenagers to an awaiting limousine.

But the few seconds that Paul McCartney spent trying to reach Cathy were enough for him to be cut off from the rest of the group and security officers.  He was immediately engulfed by the crowd and had to be rescued by policemen, before he was pushed into a crowd of 200.

Oddly, at the press conference which preceded this scene, reporters asked mostly about Beatlemania and the Beatles reaction to it.  All four agree they dont' know exactly what Beatlemania is or what causes it.

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