Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Denver Press conference

This press conference has been featured a few times before on this blog.  I think the Beatles look so adorable in their little vests with their names on them.

Here is a photo that was sent in from a reader:

And some snapshots:

photo by De Scoise

photo by De Scoise

photo by De Scoise

In an article for the Daily Sentinel, Melinda  Mawdsley writes about one fan that was lucky enough to have gotten into the small press conference in Denver.

Rhealene Plumleigh, 64, had a much different experience than most of the teenagers who attended the Beatles’ Red Rocks show. She had a backstage pass.

Admittedly mature for her 14 years, Plumleigh traveled to Denver from Amarillo, Texas, armed with a press pass she’d asked for from her hometown newspaper, the Amarillo Globe-News, where she worked as a proofreader.

Most specific memories of the day have faded, but Plumleigh, who now lives in the Grand Valley, remembers several things distinctly.

First, the press room at Red Rocks was really small. She arrived early and had a seat, but then the decision was made to start screening the press members allowed in the room.

Concerned she would be kicked out — she was 14 and not in a suit — Plumleigh hid under a table.
After the screening, she took a seat in the front row.

George Harrison repeatedly pointed at her and her friend to ask questions during the pre-show press conference, she said.

“We were young, and we had intelligent questions,” Plumleigh said. “We asked about the music. The press was inclined to ask stupid questions about their life. It was so unimportant to me.”
Unfortunately, the music was tough to hear at Red Rocks, she said.

Plumleigh stood on the side of the stage for a while, thanks to her pass, where there was less screaming.

“I’m so glad I wasn’t in that crowd,” Plumleigh said. “That was crazy stuff.”

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