Thursday, August 7, 2014

Run for it!

I love Paul's reaction to this fan that is running to take his photo from the car in Liverpool last week.   I would love to see the photos he took.  I hope that he got some good shots.


  1. Hi lewis here. I went to this lipa graduation to see Paul and try and get his autograph.
    Paul didnt stop or sign for anyone, which was a real shame. The new location for the graduation meant he could drive straight in and not have to walk through crowds. When the graduation ended some of us waited at the traffic lights where he would drive by. I shouted his name and he waved. I was told later that the guy in the photos pretty much ruined the event as he put his head in the car window and was screaming 'macca'. Pretty scary for Paul I can imagine. I can understand at times like this why he doesn't stop. But its a shame for all the nice quiet fans waiting patiently.

    1. I was going to say it looks like Paul is trying to reason with the guy! Happy I know the story.

      In the words of John Lennon: "Fools like that nobody needs."

  2. This guy is actually my boyfriend, and he didn't ruin it for anybody, as he was the last fan that Paul drove past. My boyfriend siezed the moment and asked Paul when he was coming back to Australia (where we live). Paul still loves this type of mania, and if he was frightened at all he wouldve wound his window up :)

    1. make very good points! "Ruining it" was very much in the eye of the beholder, as I now realize.

      The best points you made (which I don't think a single soul would dispute, not here): Paul loves this mania.....and he could have easily rolled the window up. (or, in his case, I'm sure it's just pressing a button to get the window up!!!).

      My apologies....and I hope you guys get to see him again soon!!


  3. Thanks for understanding Mike! We love paul and respect his privacy :) Even if it doesn't look so in the photos :P

  4. Im sorry if it wasn't your boyfriend who did the screaming. I didn't see this take place as I was down the road. But was told by various people someone chased the car sticking their head in the window screaming macca at the top of their voice.
    I agree paul loves the attention (when hes in front of the press). Further down the road where I was he waved then when stopping at traffic lights quickly put his window up.
    However I'm sure incidents like this probably help him decide how he'll react next time he meets fans.
    However fans had been waiting along time and I know how excited they can get when seeing paul. Which is when all the excitement turns to mania and screaming...and other maybe not to acceptable behaviour.
    Heres a link to video taken that day

    To be honest it doesnt seem that bad so apologies if I got it all wrong.
    Im pretty sure if paul stopped and signed for all this frenzy wouldnt happen all the time.