Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mary Smith --- we salute you!

Whenever I think of the Beatles concert at Forest Hills Stadium in New York, I automatically think of Mary Smith.

Mary was the girl who rushed the stage and actually got on stage with the Beatles and grabbed George.   She didn't cause any harm and I always just admire the guts she had to run for it and I am shocked that she was successful! 

Mary had snuck away to go to the concert and her parents did not know she was there.   Mary took off her shoes and ran for the Beatles.    If you want to read more about Mary's time to shine, you must read Chuck Gunderson's book, Some Fun Tonight.   He really goes into detail about Mary Smith.  (There is a link on top of this page so you can buy the book).

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  1. Mary Mary Mary............I hate you---lol! ;-)