Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is that Faul?

Paul does not look like Paul in this photo.  I am sure it is just a bad photo, but if I was one of those PID folks, I would be all over this as a "Faul" photo.  


  1. Yes

  2. So I'm really intrigued by all the Faul stories. Did the real Paul die in a car crash in '66? I don't know. However; clearly before '66 the Beatles did use a stand in for Paul on occasions. For instance the NME award show in '65. Who the heck was that guy? Billy Shears or William Campbell? I've read that THE William Campbell disappeared completely in'66. Is that true? Recently I've spent hours watching Paul Mccartney interviews from the last four decades. That person speaks in such detail about childhood and adolescence experiences. I've seen soooo many photos and videos of "Paul" from the sixties. The "Paul" shown is NOT the Paul Mccartney I loved. My friends and family think I'm a nutty conspiracy theorist. Fill me in PLEASE. Thanks. Gino

    1. Gino,
      Thank you for visiting this site. I have to agree that the Paul is Dead conspiracy is really interesting and it is easy to get sucked into watching videos.

      However -- the Paul McCartney that was in the Beatles in the early days is the same Paul McCartney that we see today. He did not die. He is the exact same man.

  3. the faul bit is ridiculous

  4. Clearly, you have no concept of how this works.