Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hollywood here they come!

LA Police Await Beatles and Wish They Weren’t
August 21, 1964
By Bob Thomas AP Movie-Television Writer
Hollywood -- Notes and comments on the Hollywood scene
The Los Angeles police wish this was the weekend that wasn’t.  The Beatle invasion begins Sunday when the British quartette set down their chartered lane at an undesignated filed.  The plan is for them to radio in their destination shortly before their arrival from British Columbia, thus to avoid a mob scene – they hope.
They will have a news conference at a San Fernando Valley night club then leave for the concert at the Hollywood Bowl.  The staid old bowl may never be the same.  Its 22,000 seats were sold out hours after they went on sale two months ago.  One pair of down-front tickets reportedly back-marketed at $1,500.
Turned down by leading hotels, the Beatles are said to be staying at the home of a television executive  They are scheduled to appear Monday night at a party attended by movie stars and others who are permitted to bring their children.  All will pay $25 a head to benefit the Hemophilia foundation.  Security also surrounds the location of the party; I won’t be known until hours before the affair.
Nothing else is planned for the Beatles, but they have made it known they want to visit Disneyland.  Does Orange county know this?  Are the Marines alerted?
The Beatles fly out late Tuesday or early Wednesday.

Wherever The Beatles Go, Shrieks and Swoons Follow
August 24, 1964
No one can quite adequately explain the power the Beatles have over teenagers, especially girls in this country.  Whether the four ruck n roll singers are appearing in a city or merely expected to appear, sighs, swoons and even unthinking vandalism.
In San Francisco last week, 9,000 girls waited at the airport for their heroes’ arrival; 4,000 others waited n a state of near hysteria at the new Hilton hotel, where the foursome was to stay.  When the Beatles left the airport area, several of the girls nibbled ecstatically on the grass on which they had walked.  Several others had to be hauled, kicking and screaming, from the hood of the Beatles’ limousine as it departed.
Fifteen policemen managed to get eh Beatles safely through a hotel side door, up an elevator, and into the 15th floor, which was closed off for the occasion.   For an hour or more, girls lingered outside the building, screaming at the upper windows and blowing kisses.   The noise continued at the Cow Palace performance where the gross was $91,670, nearly twice the record for Palace one-night stands.
Psychologists and social scientists from New York to San Francisco have tried to explain how four shaggy haired young men with a modicum of musical ability and a refreshing lack of professional vanity manage to inspire such devotion.

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