Monday, August 25, 2014

A Beatles party in the Garden

I have written and posted a LOT about the party Alan Livingston hosted at his home to raise money for the Hemophilia Foundation in 1964.   There are many stories of fans who were able to meet the Beatles during this fundraiser and then there was Peggy Lipton who did more than just meet a Beatle at this event!

Just in case you missed it---here is one of the stories.

I have been saving up tons of photos from this I hope you enjoy all of these!

Invitation to the party.  From Jeff Augsburger collection 

Memo from Alan Livingston about the party.   From Jeff Augsburger collection 

Photo by Candi Purrell 

Photo by Candi Purrell 

Fans who were not invited just waited outside Alan Livingston's house hoping to see the Beatles 

Ringo looks like he has had enough of shaking hands and meeting people.....

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