Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Beatle at my table

I love it when charming little stories about the Beatles are told and we get a little peek into their world.  This story is about George Harrison, who just wanted a little lunch when the Beatles were in Melbourne.   It is so adorable that Kathleen has kept the glass George drank from after 50 years.   Those four guys just have no clue the impact that they make on each of us. 

George and Kathleen Martin
Fifty years ago, a skinny, mop-hair lad sporting a funny accent made a surprise visit to an Olinda restaurant.

Kathleen Martin was toiling away in her kitchen, preparing the lunch menu for the day, when she was interrupted by her German housekeeper, Sylvia.

"Ms Martin, a Beatle, a Beatle," she yelled in her thick German accent.

Focused on the task at hand, Katherine instructed Sylvia that if she needed to kill a bug there was Mortein in the cupboard.

"No, no, no, you misunderstand. It's a Beatle, Beatle," Sylvia replied.

Kathleen broke away from her cooking to follow Sylvia out of the kitchen and into the restaurant. There standing in front of her was George Harrison, long and thin and seeking "a little bit of loonch".
Eve Martin-Grey, the daughter of Kathleen, who became the most popular girl at Genazzano after George's visit to Kenloch restaurant, retold this tale to 3AW Breakfast on Friday.

"He didn't want anything off the menu, he just wanted steak and chips," Eve told Ross and John.
Eve said the Baby Beatle was intrigued by the historical property and wandered the gardens with his entourage, filming with his camera as he went.

Apparently George had left the other three while they were getting their hair cut, fancying a drive to the hills instead.

Eva told 3AW Breakfast she still keeps some momentos from that momentous day: the guest book he signed and the glass from which he drank his milk.

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