Sunday, July 20, 2014

What way to make a livin'

As I have mentioned before, I am in a play this summer and we have came to the time where I have dress rehearsals and performances for the next few weeks.   It will be in my best interest to take a break from the blog for a short time and focus on the play.  I might update things if I can, but I am not making any promises.

The play I am in is "9 to 5:  The Musical."    I am not a fan of country music at all, but there is something about Dolly Parton that I like.   She is a very talented song writer and I really do like the songs from this musical.    I am playing the part of "Kathy" who is one of the secretaries that work with the 3 main characters.   It is a smaller part, but it is  larger small part if you can follow that.   I have lines and I get to sing and dance.   If you live in the St. Louis, MO area and are interested in seeing "9 to 5" here is the link to order tickets and to get more information.

One geeky thing that I enjoy about this play is that it takes place in 1979, and so every night I get to "go back in time" to that year.   John is still alive as and I get to wear oversized glasses and polyester.  It is just a fun time period.  

Anyhow----I will return soon.  I just hear from so many people who check this blog every day and I do not want anyone to think that I am closing down shop.

Peace and Love
Sara S (aka Starshyne)


  1. Best of luck with the show! Or break a leg as they say.

  2. Break a leg, Sara! Just not your own!!!

    (and great pic of Ringo with Dolly!! I love that!)

  3. really liked Porter Wagoner and am happy to see this snap with Paul