Monday, July 28, 2014

Searching for Cyn

I think this is funny.   This is a photo from a 1965 magazine and they somehow got a hold of the photo of Paul and John playing at the Casbah.    They do not recognize Cynthia Lennon in the photo and just like I do all of the time on this blog, they are looking to find out who the fan in the photo happens to be.    I am sure that someone informed them that it was none other than John's wife!   I never understood why she is looking so lovingly at Paul and not at John.   But maybe the photographer asked her to look at Paul or maybe Paul was singing something and she thought it was amazing.   Who knows?


  1. It looks like he was singing something to her probably tongue in cheek. And she finds it amusing.

  2. Good for both of them that John was busy admiring his guitar (as it was brand new!)...J/k! xD
    I'm sure Cyn loved them all (George, Paul & Ringo) as her little brothers..esp George & Paul, as she'd seen them as little schoolboys after all! x)