Friday, July 18, 2014

Paul Limo watching --- What to expect

Part of what I like to do with this blog is to explain what happens in events that seem to be a "secret" in the Beatles community.    I personally get frustrated by the lack of information that appears to be out there (pun intended) about some pretty basic things.    So I try to tear down the walls of secrecy and get the information available to other fans.    In Kansas City I  waited for the "limo watch" for Paul and I thought I would let you all know what to expect if you wanted to "limo watch" in your town.

First of all, Paul does not arrive in a Limo.   Everyone calls it "limo watching," but really it is "SUV watching."    What happens is that Paul rides in an SUV (although who might be a Limo) into the venue.   He will roll down the window and wave to the crowd.   In total it will take about 10 seconds.

Paul usually drives into the venue around 5:00pm the day of the concert.   So you need to get to the venue around 4:00pm and your first task is to figure out where Paul's car will be entering the venue.  This really isn't that hard of a task because most venues only have a few choices and security guards standing around will most likely tell you the correct location.   Or you can just look for a small gathering of people wearing Paul t-shirts.

The next task is to pick a side to be on.   This is always a hard decision.   What side will Paul be on?  Will Nancy (or someone else) be on the other side and you won't see Paul at all?   Pick your side and wait---and wait---and wait---

Eventually a man named Brian will come out  Brian is Paul's security manager.   He has worked for Paul for a long time and has said that Paul won't let him retire until Paul retires.   Brian will inform the crowd of what time Paul is to be arriving.   He might also tell you how many more minutes until he arrives.  

Brian is the short man in this photo

Before Paul comes, you will heard the police sirens.   Yes----Paul McCartney is escorted by the police to the venue.  So, you can hear that he is arriving.    As I said, the entire thing only lasts a few seconds, but it is extremely exciting.  And if you are lucky (like I was) you can see him and get a few good photos.  

I had my camera set to where it took 5 photos at a time in hopes of getting a few good shots.   There were some people in front of me, but I was able to lean way over to the side and get my photos right before he went inside.  

Here is some advice:  there is no reason to bring albums to get signed.  Paul is not going to stop the car to sign anything.  Also there isn't any reason to bring a huge sign that you hold up over your head.  Paul most likely will not have the time to read it and it just blocks the view of other fans.

It is extremely exciting to see Paul waving and to experience the entire thing and it adds to the fun of the concert!  Have fun!

*All photos were taken by Sara Schmidt.  Please ask before you use any photos elsewhere (I always have said yes)


  1. Hey congrats!!! I know it isn't "meeting the Beatles for real".....but you're getting close!

    Also thanks for the advice! Good to know!

  2. Sara - your honest account was very interesting & I think really will help those fans who are waiting for the first time. Am glad you were able to get some photos.

  3. Paul looks a fright with that blonde hair

  4. Been reading up on your experience. Thanks for the info, as I've bought 2 of the Hot Sound package for myself and cousin. She's from Liverpool and remembers them coming into the chippy shop. Ours will be here in Hamilton on July 21 2016, can't wait! I didn't know what to expect, didn't know if it's worth doing a sign either?? But will definitely take my little camera which has a good zoom lens. I got some great photos of his show when in Toronto last year.