Thursday, July 10, 2014

Liverpool Fans

When you think about the sheer number of fans who came out to see the Beatles when they returned to Liverpool for the Northern premiere of their film, it is amazing.   200,000 people were in the town to welcome the Beatles back home.    Pretty staggering amount, especially considering that the Beatles were worried about what type of reception they would get in Liverpool since they  had left it for London.

There are some great quotes from people who were there at the Beatles Bible:

" I was only 7 years old at the time but my mum took me down to see the beatles coming home. We stood { i think) on the corner of William Brown St and I saw them go past in a car. One of the memories I have is John Lennon turning around and looking out of the back window." - Gary

"My sister took me down to Liverpool Town Hall to see them. I was 6 at the time. She didn’t want to take me, I think my mum made her because she had something to do. My sister lifted me on to the windowsill of the old Midland Bank opposite the Town Hall. It was a big, black sandstone building in those days. Anyway, she left me there amongst the thousands of screaming fans and I was very traumatised by the experience. I could see them quite clearly on the balcony and hear them speak but don’t remember what they said, think I was crying." -- Jan

"In 1964 I was 9 and I missed my friends going to see the Beatles at The Odeon in London Rd. arriving for the Premiere of a Hard Day’s Night and walked down on my own to London Rd to look for them. There was so many people and crowds and noise but I got a great spec., facing the Odeon. A double decker bus arrived and out got Violet Carson, Ena Sharples from Coronation St., Lionel Blair and Anita Harris one of his dancers, and I think Mike and Bernie Winters, I don’t remember any others now but I didn’t get to see the Beatles or my friends so I went home feeling very cheated!!" -- Maria

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