Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tony Taylor and Beatlemania

I made a tiny mistake.   I had this information labeled as "Auckland" and just now when I went to post it all, I see that it is really "Wellington" and I should have posted it yesterday.   Oh well---

Tony Taylor has an interesting Beatles story.   He is a professor of psychology  at Victoria University of Wellington and in 1964 he decided to write a paper about the effects of Beatlemania.   He did attended two of the Wellington concerts (and got the university to pay for his tickets) and he spoke with fans outside of the hotel and really put a lot of study into his research.   I wish I could find his paper online, because I would be very interested in reading it.    Part of what he did was interview John Lennon for his paper.    He talked to John about the type of music the Beatles play and about their target audience.   He got the Beatles autographs, but they signed different names (like Paul signed for Ringo)...which I would think would make it worth more.   Anyhow....there is a 20 minute audio of Tony Taylor talking about all of this from Radio New Zealand.    I recommend listening to it. 

Tony interviews John Lennon

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