Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Beatles singles collection

I am not totally sure what date in Australia these photos are from, but I think they are from the arrival in Sydney the 2nd time.  (but then again---Ringo isn't in any of the photos---but neither is Jimmie)   I scanned them from a set of 45 records that were released in the 1980's in Australia called, "The Beatles singles collection."   The front and back covers have rare photos of the Beatles during their tour Downunder and I bought them specifically for the photos.  The covers were a bit worn and had creases in them.  I tried to clean them up some.   I really like the photo of John signing the autograph for the older man.

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  1. Hi Sara, the photos used on the sleeves of these 45s were taken from frames of a 'Cinesound Newsreel' covering both the Australian & New Zealand tours of June 1964.