Friday, June 20, 2014

Sydney concerts

Photos and memories of the Beatles' concert in Sydney, Australia.   The set up in Sydney was different than any other venue because the stage rotated!   So while the guys were performing, the stage was slowly going around.   That is sort of a neat idea and at least everyone got a chance to see the boys. 

"I was there at Sydney Stadium on the night after Paul’s birthday to see them perform. I won tickets to see them through a newspaper contest. I had to take my cousin with me as none of my friends were allowed to go … It was the greatest night of my life." – Denise, aged 14 (at the time)

"I too was there at the Beatles concert at the Sydney Stadium. I was 13 at the time & was with 2 older teenage girlfriends & the younger sister of one of the girls (my friend) so 4 of us girls all screaming like crazy (& standing on the backs of our seats for a better view of them on the revolving stage). We backed up & went to the Sheraton Hotel the next day to scream underneath their balcony. When the Beatles drove out we managed to throw a pack of Chocolate Peppermint Patties into John's lap in the back seat. I will never forget these moments".--Joollz Bodhikeeper 

"I was recording for EMI records at the time. I was just a kid of 14.  I might have been a professional singer who had a little career, but I was still a teenager.  So I just got truly sucked up in the atmosphere and the ambiance.  Before I knew it, I was standing on my seat screaming and loving every minute of it.  I couldn't hear much, but I really like it.  Afterwards the EMI representatives took me backstage to meet the Beatles, which was really lovely.  I remember them being very polite.  I thought they really were working class young gentlemen."  --"Little" Pattie

"I was at the later concert.  My mother was there with my little sister.  Look, honestly we didn't hear them.  'Please Please me,' 'She Loves you'-- we never heard those songs.  We were just so busy screaming.  I just thought that John was looking at me every time the stage went around."  --Jenny Kee

''My brother kept telling me I couldn't scream,'' ''And after three songs, he said, 'You can scream'. And I screamed myself hoarse.'' --Roslyn Forrest

"I won two tickets to the Beatles' show at Sydney Stadium  in a Lifebuoy soap limerick competition, even though I had forgotten to include the two empty soap packets required for entry.But lo and behold, two tickets arrived in my letterbox addressed to me.  I couldn't believe it! The seats at the June 18 concert  were close to the Beatles but hundreds of hysterical girls rushed to the front, blocking my  view.  And I remember thinking, "I can't hear a thing, I can't see a thing, but we are here.   After the concert and when the crowds had died down, we went down and picked up a jelly baby from the stage, thinking this is amazing, it might have hit one of the Beatles."  --Pauline Baylis

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  1. Fantastic pictures, one more time with feeling, FANTASTIC pictures....and beautiful fan memories!!! (singing:) These are a few of my favorite things!