Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two fans that met the Beatles....

Not a whole lot of fans got to meet the Beatles in Adelaide, but two girls who did get to meet them (well you know the three and Jimmie) were named Heni and Anne.     

Here is their story according to the article "Adelaide, do you remember the Beatles 1964 visit" from the newspaper the Advertiser that was published earlier this week.

Ann and Heni shake hands with the boys (source News Limited). 

Heni is on the right (source News Limited)

Very few Adelaide girls got to meet any of the Beatles. Ann Domingo and Heni Noll cooked up a plan several days before the group arrived, to meet them in person. They had a feeling that the mop tops would be staying at the South Australian Hotel and Ann’s mother agreed to book the two best friends a room a few days beforehand.

The girls checked in just hours before The Beatles arrived and had stationed themselves in the corridor just along from the rooms in which the entourage were staying.
After a while, press officer Derek Taylor noticed the girls and asked them if they’d like to see the press conference.

“I had the chance to chat briefly with John,” Ann says “and I literally hung on to his coat after the conference finished so we could stay with them and talk for a while. John asked Derek if Heni and I could stay on and we chatted with the guys about their music, other singers and fashion. I often reflect back on that day and think, wow, how lucky were we?”

And here is how the story was told in Glenn A. Baker's book "the Beatles Downunder" (published in 1982).

17 year old Heni Timmer and 16 year old Anne Aucott talked to a security guard.  After the girls were crying to him, he arranged for them to meet the Beatles.  

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