Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ringo's mystery cousins

John wasn't the only Beatle meeting family members from New Zealand, Ringo also had some distant cousins who came up to the hotel room to greet their long, lost family member.    Christine (age 16), Patricia (age 13) and Theresa (age 12) Starkey had left Liverpool and emigrated to New Zealand in 1963.   Since Ringo's father, Richard Starkey, left when Ringo was a small child, he really did not have any connection to the Starkey family.   

Christine Starkey was quoted as saying, "It was just too much, I never dreamed it would actually happen!"  Ringo gave the girls his autograph and said, "It was nice meeting them, but I'm not quite sure where in the family they fit in."

Unlike John's cousins, who were known to John at least by name before the trip, these cousins of Ringo's were unknown.    Most likely these girls were some distant branch in the Starkey family tree, who were Beatle fans that took advantage of their fortunate surname.  Not that anyone could blame them.  


  1. My great-grandfather, Charles Starkey, came here to Maryland in the 1800s from Liverpool. The thing is, Ringo's father, Richard Starkey, Sr. was adopted by John Starkey, Ringo's step-great grandfather so Ringo was not a blood relative to the Starkeys. So these "cousins" weren't really cousins. LOL.

  2. i am Nathan Starkey i still live in liverpool born 4th Feb 2001 my great grandad in stanley Starkey