Tuesday, June 10, 2014

MTBFR mini update

I am taking a break today and will start in tomorrow on the 50th anniversary celebration of the Beatles Australia and New Zealand tour.   If you have anything you would like to add, please email me at Starshyne9@yahoo.com

Just a quick reminder that I am collecting stories from those of you who saw the Beatles in concert in 1964.   So far I have received zero stories.   Yes....that is correct.  Not one person who reads this blog has seen the Beatles in concert in 1964.   Come on, I am sure that someone out there has something to share about the Beatles 1964 concerts.    Email those stories to me when you get the chance.  No matter what you story is, it deserves to be read.

I am also still looking for memories about a Hard Day's Night.  It doesn't matter what generation Beatles fan you happen to be.   If you would like to share anything about A Hard Day's Night, just drop me an email!

I am still rehearsing for 9 to 5 every night and I am trying my best to keep up with the blog during the day and after rehearsals.   I am trying to keep close to the exact dates on these things, but I might be a day or two off.   I just hope you enjoy the photos and stories I have been saving for the past year for this 50th anniversary stuff.

Peace and Love
Sara S.


  1. Really? How many people over 60 do you think check out this site?Even 60 is too young to have seen the Beatles.How many 10 year olds went to concerts?So you're looking for fans who are 65 and up,very few of them are EVER on a computer. Jim

    1. Really??? Hmmmm...I talk to a LOT of wonderful Beatle fans who are over 60 online. When I did a demographics survey a little while back I discovered that the majority of readers are between the ages of 55-65.

    2. Listen to this guy. Is this not a textbook example of how the internet has gotten so lame? Has anyone ever heard of Jimmmmybrady (however you spell it) until now? THIS is what you come out of the shadows to babble?

      Just so you know, so-called "Jimmy", my Dad checks this blog from time to time, he saw them in Forest Hills (1964). My aunt has been on the internet since the mid-90s, she saw them at Shea Stadium in 1965. Tons of people comment here all the time about having seen them, or having hung out outside EMI Studios, and even more comment on the Facebook page of this blog. So much for your curious little theory.

      Hell, my GRANDFATHER was addicted to the internet and he died in 1999!

      Congratulations Jimmy! You get this week's Dave Dexter Award for most obnoxious comment! Aren't you proud?!!! Now go tell your mommy, Jimmy, but be sure to phone her because I'm sure the internet is beyond her.

    3. PS: Great photo!

      And hope the play is going well!

      (and Pop, if you're reading, and you've got the time, write down how you and your friend hijacked his father's car and drove to the show, it's a great story! I'll help you with it!)

    4. My Grandmother is 90 years old and she uses the computer often. She is on facebook and likes to play online games.

      I am sure there are readers who saw the Beatles in concert in 1964. I just think they believe that they don't have anything worth saying about it, which isn't true at all.