Thursday, June 12, 2014

Leaving Sydney

The Beatles had just stopped off in Sydney for the press conference and some rest.  They did not perform there that first day in Australia, that was to come later.   They boarded an airplane in Sydney that morning  and headed out for Adelaide for their first performance.

Fans were there waiting to bid them a temporary farewell.  One of them was a 15 year old girl named Mary Kostin who was wearing her maroon and grey school uniform.  She lept over the police barriers and ran towards the Beatles car on the tarmac.  She ran past several police officers before she was caught.  As she was getting caught, she threw a copy of John Lennon's book toward the Beatles and it hit George on the shoulder.  The three three Beatles and Jimmy Nicol signed the book and it was returned to Mary.    Good aim Mary!!!

Margaret Paul, age 22 was the stewardess on the flight from Sydney to Adelaide.  "the airline had prepared all these expensive savories with caviar and oysters but all the Beatles wanted was peanut butter sandwiches.  John came to the gally area himself to ask for them and I nearly fell over.  I thought he was one of the most beautiful men I'd ever seen.  Before they left the plane they all autographed a sick bag for me, which I presented to my 14 year old sister, who promptly lost it."

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