Sunday, June 22, 2014

Leaving for New Zealand

When the Beatles boarded the airplane in Sydney heading to Wellington, New Zealand on June 20, 1964, they posed for photos with a giant stuff Kiwi Bird made by New Zealand disabled servicemen.

On the flight to Wellington, George and Ringo met a 5 year old girl named, Kaye Peebles.  Kaye and her family were flying to Wellington from Adelaide to visit family.   The stewardess was having little Kaye help her out by handing out sugar candies to the passengers.   When she got to Ringo and George, George asked he if she was going to give him a kiss.   The little girl gave a loud, "No!"   Of course this was pretty funny to everyone on board.   I wonder what Kaye thought of this encounter when she got older.  

Here is a story written by Kaye's father:(with much thanks to The Gilly)
"It’s 1964 and our family of four is returning to Australia after visiting grandparents in New Zealand. We climb on the 28 passenger Fokker Friendship and take our seats. Many eyes are turning to the back of the plane. There is an excited murmur through the passengers. "That’s the Beatles" someone whispers.

The aircraft vibrates and rattles into the air for the trip to Auckland. With much craning of necks for a view the plane crosses close to the volcanic peaks of the central North Island. 

As the plane starts its descent into the airport the airhostess asks our five year old daughter Kaye if she would help give out the wrapped boiled lollies to all the people on board. This helps to unblock the ears caused by altitude changes.

At the rear of the plane Kaye shyly offers lollies to John, Paul , Ringo and George. As George takes his sweet John says to Kaye “Go on give George a kiss”!! Kaye steps back, coyly shaking her head. George says “She loves me NO!NO!NO!” paraphrasing the Beatles’ hit ‘She loves you Yeah!Yeah!Yeah!’

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  1. I met Kaye much later in the late 1980s. She never told me this quaint story. I have only came across it two years ago. Kaye became a DJ for Radio Skid Row in Sydney when she was an adult.