Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I hope Paul starts feeling like a "new man" soon!

Words cannot describe the disappointment I felt when I got the news yesterday that the concert I was planning on going to in Louisville, KY was postponed.   I totally understand that Paul is following doctor's orders and I agree that he is doing the right thing.  I remember about 5 years ago when I had viral pneumonia, it knocked me out for a full week.   About 3 weeks later I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding and let me tell you, that wedding killed me!   I was so exhausted and wiped out and some of my pneumonia systems started to come back because obviously my immune system wasn't built up yet.   I was in my early 30's at the time.   I am sure if Paul went back on the road full time and did night after night of 3 hour concerts, he just wouldn't be able to make it.

Having said all of that, doesn't change my disappointment.   I was going to Kentucky to take my long time friend to her first Paul concert.   It was on her bucket list--to see Paul in concert and I bought her a ticket because I knew how badly she wanted to go.   I was more excited about seeing her at the Paul concert than anything.   Now the concert has been moved to a Tuesday in October.   I am a teacher and I just cannot take off and travel six hours away in October.   I did that in February for the Beatles convention and I doubt I will be allowed to do it again.   So now I cannot go at all.   I am majorly bummed.   However, I did order a ticket to see Paul in Kansas City on July 16th and I hope he doesn't cancel out again.   But if he does.....he does. 

So here is a cute recent photo from the set of the Appreciate video of Paul with an adorable and happy little girl.

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  1. Hello, Sara - I so sincerely hope that there is nothing more wrong than a viral infection with Paul. All this time and concert cancellations have me thinking that he is dealing with something far more serious. In any case, I wish him well and a full recovery. We LOVE you, Paul.