Wednesday, May 28, 2014

He's getting better all the time

It is nice to see Paul and Nancy out walking in St. John's Wood.   These photos were taken yesterday, May 27, 2014 and they are the first photos we have seen of Paul since he got sick while in Japan.  I think he is looking pretty good for someone who was sick and I honestly think he will be back to his usual self by the time his tour hits the U.S. in a few weeks.

Richard Porter the Beatles Coffee Shop at the St. John's Wood tube station reported this little story of a fan meeting Paul while he and Nancy were out yesterday

a fan in St John's Wood went up to someone to ask them where Abbey Road was. The fan then nearly had a heart attack when he realised the person he was asking was Paul McCartney!! Paul, of course, knew the way :>)

The fan came into Richard's  Shop right after her encounter with Paul, still in shock!   Isn't that hilarious?   Of all of the people to ask directions from!


  1. Exclamation Mike!May 29, 2014 at 5:04 PM

    Aw, great title (of course), poor Paul, he looks like he's been through the mill (no pun intended) (for those who might catch it!).

    What a funny story though!

  2. Paul and Nancy are absolutely lovely together