Monday, May 19, 2014

Hard to Appreciate

I have to confess something.   When I first saw the photos of Paul with Newman the robot (clever name, I have to say since Paul's album is called "New"), I was jealous.    My first thought was, "Give me a break!  A robot can meet Paul McCartney and I can't?  First it was dogs and now it is a robot?"

All kidding aside, I want to wish Paul a speedy recovery.   I hope he is getting a lot of rest and is feel back to his normal self very soon.   Everyone is worried about you Paul!   

I feel so bad for the fans in Japan who were anxious to go to the concert.   I am sure Paul feels so bad for having to postpone the show for them.   I hope that Paul can find a time where he can reschedule the concert.   I would be so upset if the concert I am going to next month was canceled, but I am sure we all can agree that Paul being healthy is more important.  

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  1. Exclamation Mike!May 20, 2014 at 5:30 PM

    Man, those fans in Japan always get the short end of the stick!! First 1980....and now this!!!

    Must be a nasty virus to knock him out for so many days!