Monday, May 5, 2014

Get the newest issue of Beatlefan magazine!

In the most current issue of Beatlefan, there is an interview I did with Kit O'Toole for her column, "Hard Day's Net."   It really turned out to be a nice little interview about this blog.   I hope some more Beatle fans join us here at MTBFR because of this interview.   Here is a bit of information on how you can get a hold of Beatlefan magazine if you aren't already a subscriber.   And let me tell you, I have subscribed for over 20 years and I LOVE Beatlefan.   There is just a wealth of Beatle information located inside those pages by some amazing writers.   Here is a message from the creator and editor of Beatlefan, Bill King:

Sample issue of Beatlefan costs $7 in the U.S. or $10 abroad. U.S. funds only. If you want the latest issue featuring the interview with Sara Schmidt, be sure to specify #207. PayPal accepted, payable to Credit cards, checks accepted at P.O. Box 33515, Decatur, GA 30033.

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