Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Drum roll please!

The boys came over and helped me pick out the winner of the autographed Good Ol Freda DVD.... got me.  They didn't come over and only had 29 entries into the contest.  I just put the numbers into the random number generator.   Here is the winning raffle number----

If you are number 015 please email me by responding to the email I originally sent you with your number in it.   Please send me the address where you would like your DVD mailed.  

Thank you everyone who participated.   These contests haven't been getting a whole lot of response.  I am thinking about not doing as many of them.    Maybe if I did a few contests instead of one every other month, I would get a better response?   I am not sure.  


  1. Such fun. Thanks for doing this (even though I didn't win it was fun)

  2. Exclamation Mike!May 15, 2014 at 6:35 PM

    Congratulations to number fifteen!!!!

    Hey, I love the contests, and 29 is still a contest! I's not, like, three! I say if it's over five, it's a contest! are so nice to have these contests! So thank you! I'll win one day, mark my words!!! :D