Thursday, May 1, 2014

Angel face

This photo was spotted on the CNN ireport, so I contacted the person who posted it and asked if she would mind sharing her photo and story with the readers of this blog.   To my delight, she contacted me right back and said that she was still a Beatlemaniac and would love to share the photo with all of the viewers here.  She said that Paul had the "face of an angel" when she saw him.  She didn't speak to Paul or any of the guys or get to meet them, but wow....look how close she was to him!

copyright Capistrano99 and posted here with permission.

I spent the summer of 1969 in London, part of the City University of NY's Study Abroad Program. When I wasn't studying British poetry, I hopped over to Abbey Road where the Beatles were recording their famous album of the same name. While hanging around the gates to the studio, we Beatles fans were likely to see the lads get in and out of their cars. Here is a photo I took of Paul getting out of his Aston Martin.  That was quite a summer, between going to Abbey Road and attending the Rolling Stones concert at Hyde Park, it didn't matter that I missed Woodstock!

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  1. That's not Paul's Aston Martin, that was his Mini cooper.