Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paul McCartney soprano!

Paul McCartney Soprano!
By Sharon Collins

Schoolboy James Albentosa stood in amazement as superstar Paul McCartney sang for him when they met on a riverside film set.

Ex-Beatle Paul's sudden burst of song came after James, 8, told him he was to sing the famous  boy soprano's aria, "Oh for the Wings of a Dove," at his school concert.

"He wished me good luck in the concert and then started singng the song himself," said James, of Old Road, Wateringbury, Kent.

"He had a super voice.  I wish I could sing like that.  We exchaned addresses and he asked me to let him know how the concert goes."

James was on his way home from school with his mother, Mrs. Susan Albentosa, and sister Melissa when they saw the film crew shooting at Teston Locks on the River Medway. 

Paul posed for photographs, signed autographs, and talked about the new film he has written called "Give my Regards to Broadstreet."

The scene filmed beside the river last Monday, involves a dream of Victorican times and Paul was dressed in Dickensian-style clothing.

The film revolves around the dreams of a character played by Paul and it also stars another ex-Beatle, Ringo Starr, and the two-men's wives.

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