Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mister Brian Epstein

Last week it finally happened.    Something I did not think I would see happen in my lifetime.  Brian Epstein was finally inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!   Now you'd would have thought that Brian would have been inducted in the hall of fame way back in 1988, when the Beatles were inducted.  There is a non-performer category, and it has been filled with various producers, radio disc jockeys and others who were important to the field of rock and roll music without being musicians.  Heck Phil Spector was inducted in 1989!   And many assumed that Brian was in, because why wouldn't he have been?   Not only did he "discover" the Beatles and manage them to superstardom, he also managed a variety of British acts that made up the backbone of the 1960's British music invasion that basically paved the way for a change in popular music.  

I recall signing a petition for Brian to get inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame back in the late 1990's.   Even though fans from around the world rallied together for it to happen, there was never any sign that Brian was even considered as a candidate.   As a matter of fact, Brian not in the rock hall was sort of the "Susan Lucci" joke of the Beatles community.   Then what seemed like out of the blue, I heard last year that he was going to be in the class of 2014 inductees!   Alright!  What took you so long Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?? 

Beatle fans didn't need over 50 years to know that Brian Epstein was someone special.  Did you know that in 1965, through the Beatles Fan club you could join the Brian Epstein chapter?   Each individual Beatle had his own chapter of the fan club and so did Brian.   Now I am not sure how many fans signed up for Brian's chapter of the club, but there must have been a lot of interest for it to be offered in the first place.   When you joined the Brian Epstein chapter of the Beatles fan club, you received an 8 x 10 glossy photograph of Brian and a fact sheet. 

So in memory and honor of the wonderful manager and friend of the Beatles, and in celebration of his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, I post these photos. Enjoy!

Rome 1965

Interview during 1966 tour

Relaxing with the boys in Germany in 1966

Cruising in Miami with George Martin in 1964

Yes, even Brian had a great humor

Uncle Brian with his niece in 1967


  1. Oh my gosh, Sara, great tribute to the great man. Most of these pics I've never seen.

    I particularly like the Brian Epstein fan club materials! I have always wondered what a member would receive!

  2. Long overdue! Like you, I signed a petition in the '90s and also online about 5 years ago.

    Brian was a beautiful man and a visionary. Every Beatles fan owes him a tremendous debt. I'm so glad he is finally getting some of the respect he deserves.

  3. bottom one's with Eric Clapton.