Monday, March 31, 2014

The winners are----

There were not a whole lot of contestants this time around for the "left-overs" contest to celebrate the blogs 5th anniversary.   That is fine.   I didn't publicize this particular contest as much as I have others in the past and I know the prizes weren't as grand as other prizes have been.   I also have to say that you all have gotten very creative with your names these days.   Anita Deal had to be one of my favorite contestants and there were 2 Paul McCartney's that entered.  

Here are the winners:

Prize pack #1 (Lot of George Harrison photographs): no entries
Prize pack #2 (Lot of Beatles magazines):  Daniel K.  ( He has been visiting the blog since 2012 and visits every day!  He is getting back into the Beatles and enjoys learning about them on the internet).  Congrats to Daniel!
Prize Pack #3 (Beatles Solo in the 70's book, magazine and $10 Amazon gift card):  Paul McCartney!  Can you believe it!  Paul McCartney won my contest!   This Paul's email address begins with "Rocky Raccoon."    (Paul has been visiting MTBRF for the past 6 months and his favorite part is the fan stories).

So if Daniel and "Paul" could send me your addresses, then I will mail your prizes off to you when I get a chance.   Although we all know that Paul McCartney lives at 7 Cavendish Avenue in St. John's Wood London.  Haha!

While I am talking about winners, one of the winners of the Vincent Vigil Beatles print has never sent me her address.   Rebecca K if you are out there, I need your address!    If I don't hear from her by April 15, 2014 I am going to pick another winner.   I can't let this awesome photo go to waste!

Be on the lookout for my next contest.  It is for an autographed DVD by someone who  is very important to this blog.  


  1. What are you going todo with the #1 prize pack?

    1. I will hang onto the photos and add more of my extras to them for another contest.

  2. So funny!! On the subway today I was thinking "isn't there a contest right now on MTBFR? I'm going to have to enter soon!" Ha!

    Ah well, obladi oblada! Congrats to the winners!

  3. Hey Sara, Really quick that Mojo magazine the one with the intro from Arthur Lee? If it is, could you scan it (i wouldn't ask you to type it out, you do enough of that!!!). That intro is not included in the big Mojo book that compiles the 3 issues devoted to the Beatles history.

    Of course, no biggie if you don't feel like it or can't get around to it, I know you are a busy woman!

    1. I am not sure. I got the book and figured that I did not need the magazine anymore. Before i mail it off to "Paul," I will see if it has the intro and scan it if it does.

    2. Oh, no biggie if you don't! But yeah, I believe that is the only thing missing from the Mojo! It's not even that I'm a huge Arthur Lee fan, I just think he's an interesting choice to write the intro!

      Congratulations Paul McCartney! (though wouldn't that make him, in actuality, "Faul"???!)