Sunday, March 16, 2014

Granddad met the Beatles

A member of this community of Beatle fans named Gregg want our help.   I just know that some of you out there in the Beatles fan community can help him.    When the Beatles came back home to Liverpool on July 10, 1964, a reception was held for them and the Liverpool Police Band played at the reception and then some fun and silly photo were taken.    You can see Gregg's Granddad in this photo.  He is sitting down right beneath Paul.   Gregg is looking for any other photos from this event that have his Granddad in them.   I looked through some of my files and couldn't find any.  I told hm that I would ask everyone else.    So come on Beatle people, let's dig through our photos, books and magazines and see if we can locate part of Gregg's family history for him.

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