Sunday, March 2, 2014

Do the Beatles do the dishes?

On June 3, 1973, John and Yoko were at the International Feminist Planning Convention at Lesley College.  They were present because Yoko had been asked to perform.   I am not sure if John had also been asked to perform with Yoko or not, but I would guess that the students hoped to see a performance by both of the Lennons.

Danny Schechter interviewed the couple that day, and it is the first time I heard John talk about cooking.  This was a three years before the househusband years and John baking bread were in full swing.   I thought it was funny that Danny ask John if the "Beatles did dishes."  Three years after the break-up, John no longer considered himself as a Beatle and gave some sort of a flip answer to the question and Danny just moved on to the next thing and pretended like he didn't say the "B word."  Haha!

Here is the interview.  It was new to me.

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