Sunday, March 2, 2014

50 Years of Hard Day's Night

Believe it or not, 50 years ago today the Fab 4 started to make the movie, "a Hard Day's Night."  It is a movie that I am sure all of us have seen countless times.   It still makes me laugh, even 50 years later.  

If you have any special memories of A Hard Day's Night that you would like to share with the blog, please email me at

Things to think about

--Did you see the movie at a local theater in 1964?  
--How many people were there?
--who went to the movie with you?
--- did the theater have a special event to go along with the movie?
--What was the reaction of the people in the theatre during the movie?  (screaming, crying, recording it, fainting, singing along?)
--what was YOUR reaction?
--How often did you see AHDN in 1964?

If you area 2nd-3rd generation fan
--when did you first see AHDN?
--could you understand the accent?
--what did you think of the movie the first time you saw it?

I will be writing an article about fan's memories of A Hard Day's Night for the blog similar to how I did for the Ed Sullivan Show.    I will be including some of my memories about the movie.   I look forward to reading all of you answers.

Peace and Love
Sara S.


  1. My Dad was JUST reminiscing about this, this past weekend, when I went out to visit! I had asked him to write down his memories of the arrival (he was working at Kennedy Airport the day they landed) and Ed Sullivan, but he didn't; I'll see if I have better luck with this one!

    I can tell you this! My grandmother (who is now no longer with us) (but who loved the Beatles!) used to tell me she had taken my aunts to go see "A Hard Day's Night", and that you couldn't hear anything because of the screaming. She thought it was funny, like a "happening", and ended up taking my aunts to see "AHDN" at least one more occasion (and probably more!).

    I'll see if perhaps my aunts have some memories!

  2. I can still recall the first time I saw it. I also recall the next five times I saw it, all within a fortnight. I went to the early session and it was grand, not that many there. Next time, the cinema was packed and the noise was amazing, the girls screamed from when the boys appeared to the end.. \
    One irritation, this was when they had second movies as support feature. When they played the movie they had a circus type short called, 'Jugglers and Acrobats'. It was bad enough waiting for 'A Hard days Night' to come on but to sit through this amateurish waste of time was very frustrating. **LOL**
    PS I watched it again only last week and thoroughly enjoyed it.