Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just an ordinary man

This photo of John Lennon on the streets of New York City was taken in 1979 by Norman Richards.   I found the photo in issue # 28 (Fall 1986) of Instant Karma fanzine.   Here is what Norman had to say:

I, like so many, cried the day and days following John's death.  My mourning still continues even after six years  John was my favorite Beatle.  I always loved his rock n roll, his sense of humor, but most of all, how he made me think about life through his lyrics.  His work with Yoko and his solo stuff made me respect him even more.   The picture I took of him in 1979 on the streets of New York sums it all up for me.  He went form being a mega pop star to an ordinary man on the street buying a newspaper with the time to wave or nod a "hello" to a fan with his camera.  He looked relaxed and happy.  I will never forget that day.  When I saw Yoko in concert this spring, it was a very emotional event for me.  John lives on inside of her.  I know that, but I wish I could explain the warmth and love that was coming from that stage that night.  I would like to bottle it and keep it on a shelf.  john was there that night, rockin' out with the rest of us.  How proud he must have been.

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  1. Yet another John one I hadn't seen. As ever, thanks for posting!