Monday, February 17, 2014

Do you Want to Know a Secret?

Well I have posted the story of the two girls that were with Ringo, Carol and Barbara and how Barbara went on a date with Ringo.   There was another girl in that story, Diane Levine, who caught the eye of Paul.   I found her story in the Feb 16, 1984 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.  You will notice that Diane's telling of the events differ a bit from Carol and Barbara's.    

Diane got married and moved to Hawaii where she had three children. 

Diane is the girl sitting on the far right.

Well, I've always kept it a secret.  But for the 20th anniversary, it's okay.  I hope Paul doesn't mind.

It started at a private beach.  Three of my girlfriends and I were relaxing after taking the college boards.  I was seventeen.  We were Seniors at Miami Beach High School.

We heard sirens.  We thought it was an ambulance or something.  There they were.  They popped out of a car.  They were white--blue-white, skinny.  They looked white because everyone in Miami Beach is tanned.  We couldn't believe our eyes for a minute.  I backed up.  I was totally blown away.

A bunch of people were converging on them--press photographers.  The Beatles were in the water taking pictures.  Some girls were chasing Paul.  I  was standing by myself.  He was coming in my direction.  At that point I was really thrilled.  I held out my hand.  I said, "I don't want an autograph.  I don't want to rape you.  I just want to shake your hand and welcome you  to the United States."

It's not like I was a spectacular beauty.  I  was really quite shy.  He had sand and water on his hand.  He sort of wiped his hand on his bathing suit and shook my hand.  Then he said, "Come with me."  We ran toward a house where the entourage was.  He sat me down and just started to joke immediately.  I felt so at home with Paul.  We had this Gemini thing in common, I suppose.  We really clicked.  It was very nice.

After we talked for about 45 minutes, he was whisked away.  He yelled out form the car window, "come to the concert."  so I went to the Deauville Hotel, but I didn't have a ticket. A man who had been taking our pictures on the beach came running out.  He said, "Wait, I'll get you into the show.  Paul said he wants to see you."

When the show was over, I was taken up to the room.  The Beatles were just as excited about the show as everyone else.  After they left, the hotel guard told me I had to leave.  I gave the guard a note thanking the Beatles and wishing them luck.  I said I was sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.  I left my father's number and my home number.

Then next day, when I dropped by my father's office after school, he said, "Who is this Paul McCartney calling you?"


  1. I wonder if there might be more to this story because I believe there really was a double date to a drive in movie. The other girl who dated Ringo seems to remember correctly. Paul even mentioned this in his book Many Years From Now. He couldn't recall Diane's name but he remembered double dating with Ringo to a drive in. He said they were given MG convertibles from a nearby dealership and described driving around in the MG with the top down and "a rather nice girl" sitting next to him, and feeling on top of the world. We all tell stories differently depending on what was most important to us. That's why I find it odd that Diane doesn't mention the date. I wonder if this particular story accidentally got condensed!

    1. If you notice, she ends the story after the Miami Ed Sullivan Show where she gives the security guard the phone number and then Paul calls the next day. Even though she didn't continue the story, I think she called Paul back and he asked her to the drive-in. In the caption of this story, Diane says something about hoping that telling her secret doesn't upset Linda. I really think that she didn't want to say too much because she didn't want Paul and Linda to be angry that she told.

  2. And one more thing regarding this RS article ending up incomplete. The photo above was taken at Diane's house. Paul and probably the other 3 boys as well, were invited to her house to go swimming hence the photo with Diane. So it's even more odd that this is not mentioned either. It seems to abruptly end with her dad asking who Paul McCartney is and why he keeps calling. Maybe there was a part 2 or whatever.

  3. Apparently these were the years that Paul was really sowing his wild oats. It was all either nothing but young love or lust. I'm sure she remembers him fondly. Paul and Linda could probably have read the article together around their breakfast table for all the content would have actually mattered by then. Cute picture though!

  4. would think the story would have hurt Jane then, certainly not linda