Tuesday, January 21, 2014


copyright held by Shaun Weiss

Paul helps me with the next batch of photos to post on this blog. :)


  1. Please take this down as it is mine You moan about photos being posted with no credit and you post my photo and dont give me credit Sara so take it down or give me credit Shaun Weiss

    1. Hey Vincent (or Shaun), It clearly says the following, right next to where I'm typing:

      "I have never met the Beatles (besides in my dreams) but love fan photos. These photos are from my collection, which spans 17 years of online photo collecting and scanning books. I do not claim any copyright of these photos or stories. Some of them are sent to me and published with permission. Others are scanned from magazines, books and found in various places online. I do not watermark photos that I place on this blog because I do not own any of the photos. These photos are on this blog in an attempt to preserve the history of the Beatles. If you own the rights to a photo and wish to have it removed from this blog, please contact me."

      I don't know, that sounds pretty straightforward to me.

      And I'm sorry, but where and when did Sara ever "moan" about photos being posted with no credit? I've heard others "moan" about it, hysterical bloggers usually. Sara has certainly posted TONS of photos that SHE has bought and acquired (not to mention typing out fantastic stories and accounts from old fanzines which I can attest is no walk in the park. Think eye strain and sore fingers).

      Obviously, your photo is floating around on the internet, and since Sara has a long track record of giving people credit whenever they pipe up, or when she has it, I think most of us give her the benefit of the doubt that she's not maliciously refraining from giving credit. So....with all that in mind....I think one long, accusatory, unpunctuated run-on-sentence with a snotty attitude hanging over it isn't really called for. Especially since it appears you are familiar with this blog, ie: enjoying what is presented here, for free.

      Cool pic though, congratulations for being the copyright holder. I can see why you'd get on your high horse about it.

      Hey, peace and love, peace and love!

  2. How was I supposed to know that you are the copyright holder? I found this on the tumblr account http://paulloveslinda.tumblr.com/ (which I did credit on another entry). And I credited the photographer in the tags (Linda's photography).