Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bravo for the crazy pants!

I know in my last post I was complaining about tumblr, but it also has a world of amazing Beatles information.   One of the best of the best is "that eventuality" blog.   This blog is very George-centered and has a lot of photos and stories and documents.     This is a story that came from Bravo magazine.   Andrea, who runs "that eventuality"  has translated it from German to English.   Much thanks to her!

A fan story and the accompanying photos, sent to the German magazine Bravo by Silvia Purbs of Berlin, and published in issue no. 5 1968.
Translated, it reads:
“George’s new motto: Live colorfully, friends!

I was so lucky! First I visited George Harrison with my English pen pal – and then I met Paul McCartney, too!

My visit with George was a total success. I hadn't expected him to be so friendly. He talked for a very long time to my friend and myself, partially in German as well. After we had taken several photos of him and his colorful house, we said goodbye and left with happy smiles on our faces.
Later, on the way to London’s Regents Park, I noticed a house that was being ‘besieged’ by several girls. An elderly woman was testily telling them to be patient and not ring the doorbell constantly, Paul McCartney would be home in a moment. Shortly thereafter, a taxi arrived with Paul! He rang the bell – and had to wait quite some time before the elderly woman opened the door for him. She was very dismayed when she saw that she had kept Paul waiting, and not the unwelcome guests…”

Silvia Purbs, Berlin
Royalty: 100 D-Mark

The captions:
George by his front door
George Harrison’s colorful house: this is where my friend and I visited the colorful Beatle
Copyright: BRAVO Archiv


  1. silvia was my friend, lovely girl. sadly, she passed away many years ago. i had the fourth photo in color, but i don't know where it is now, i may have given it to one of my george fan friends.

  2. first time seeing these in colour - rip Silvia

  3. Silvia was my very close friend. She died Jan. 2000.