Thursday, December 26, 2013

Paul's worst Christmas


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    1. Sad to say, I just was going through my files and found this as a photo. It isn't an article that I own and scanned this time. Although I do know that the Beatles were in Hamburg at Christmas in 1962 and had the day off.

  2. I don't know the source either Sara but I have read this before. He is definitely referring to their December 1962 Hamburg visit though. Of that I am sure because that's the only time they were ever in Hamburg at Christmas. In fact it's possible the original source could be Beatles Monthly or a similar fan magazine. Also Mark Lewisohn has reported in Tune In, that they were definitely miserable in Hamburg by that time, and they didn't even want to go. Brian forced them to go however. They were well over Hamburg by then and had moved on.

  3. The source is Fabulous magazine. The date referred to is indeed December 1962.

  4. Hi - this was at Heike Everts familiy... Mark has written about it in his book - check the footnotes aswell. I am not sure right now but it might also be in Mach Schau book.