Monday, December 2, 2013

MTBFR update for December 2013!

Hello fellow Beatle freaks!   I hope you all are doing well.   It has been a pretty exciting past few months, hasn't it?    Paul released a new album, The Beatles BBC volume 2 was released, Ringo's new photograph book, Mark Lewisohn's book, the new BBC book, plus some of you were able to see Paul in Japan or Ringo in Mexico / Las Vegas in the past month.    I tried like crazy to win Paul's autograph and lost (boo!).  But I thank you all for trying!!!   I ended up at number 23, which wasn't too shabby.

But hold on to your Beatles wigs because it is going to get Beatle crazy around here in the upcoming year.   The 50th Anniversary of the Beatles coming to America is going to see a brand new wave of Beatlemania.    And you better bet that MTBFR wouldn't miss it for the world!   I am teaming up with one of the best Beatles photo collectors in the U.S. for a very special contest to remember the Beatles landing in the United States.   You will be hearing more about that after the new year.

Here are a few things "I need to tell you"

1.  You still have one week left to enter the contest to win the book "Beatles vs. Stones."   As of right now just 19 people are entered into the contest.   Many people are going to buy this book and are spending $26.00 on it and you can get it by just answering one easy question.  If you don't know the answer, just use Google!    Send the answer to --What song did John Lennon produce for Mick Jagger in 1973/74?   Email me

2.   First generation Beatle fans I am wanting to talk to YOU!   In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles coming the United States, I am wanting to do a few short "interviews" with some first generation fans.  Here is what I am looking for:

Group 1:   Anyone who saw the Beatles land at the airport, saw them performing live at Ed Sullivan, anyone who stood outside the Plaza Hotel, anyone who saw the Beatles at Carnegie Hall,  anyone who saw them at the train station in D.C., anyone who saw the D.C. concert, anyone who saw them on Ed Sullivan in Miami or just in Miami.   It is time to get your story out there!    Where you in a published photo?   Even if you weren't and you were THERE.  Please email me.   I would just like to get a few questions from you.  It isn't a big deal thing, just a little thing I promise.

Group 2:   So you were there live?  But you still saw the Ed Sullivan Show live on T.V. that night?  Great!   I want to hear from you!   What do you remember about that night?  What do you recall your parent's reaction being?   What special memories are in your mind and hearts about the Beatles coming?

Group 3:  Do you have any vintage photos from this time?   Photos of you wearing your Beatles wig?  Photos of you and your friends listening to Beatles records?    Photos of you and your Beatles trading cards?   Photos you took of the Beatles off the T.V. screen?   Get your scanners warmed up and send those in as well.   It will be so much fun to see!

And be aware that as 2014 continues, I am going to be wanting these sort of stories and hearing from those of you who saw the Beatles in concert in 1964.   Maybe you saw them in Hong Kong, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the U.S., or the U.K.     And how about your memories about seeing A Hard Day's Night?  Do you still have your ticket?   Be thinking about all of this.   Those of you who are 2nd and 3rd generation fans...think if you have a family friend or family member who might have a story to share. is the 50th anniversary and if we don't get these memories now, when will we do it?  

I hope you all have a great holiday season! 
Peace & Love
Sara S. aka Starshyne

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  1. I will ask my Dad and my Aunt, right off the top of my head, to consent to an interview! (my Dad saw them at Forest Hills, my Aunt at Shea, and they both saw the movies. My Dad has lots of memories of seeing them on Jack Parr, hearing them on the radio in 1963, and other little things).