Monday, November 18, 2013

With a little help from my (Beatle) Friends

Paul and Linda outside of Cavendish in 1975.  Photo by Cindy and used here with permission
Photo from Cindy used with permission - Paul in 1974.  Read her blog for the story behind this awesome photo

If you like the photos and stories that you find on this blog (and you must, or you wouldn't be visiting here), then I would highly recommend Cindy's blog.   Who is Cindy you ask?  Well she was one of the young girls who was on the watch for Paul and Linda in the 1970's.   I am sure her name can be found on many of the stories from the 1970's that are here on this blog.    If Paul was staying at the Stanhope hotel, then you can bet Cindy along with her new friends were there to see him.  Cindy and her pals traveled across the ocean to London in 1975 and saw Paul and Linda many times there. 

When you go to her blog you get the wonderful opportunity to follow Cindy, who was just a very young teenager, into making Beatle friends and the events that lead up to her meeting Paul McCartney and her wishing to meet him again.     It is an amazing sight and you get wrapped up in her stories.   She also has plenty of amazing and rare Paul and Linda photos on there.

You can subscribe to the blog, so that you can keep up to date when Cindy adds to it.   I told Cindy that I would let you all know about her  blog.   So why are you still here at Meet the Beatles for...real?  Go to With a little help from my (Beatle) Friends right now!


  1. I'm headed there right now!! Thanks for the tip, Sara-cadabra!!!!

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