Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Short story

This is a short Paul story that was part of Jennie's "Get your Wings" column from the Harrison Alliance.  I always enjoy reading the news after the fact and seeing what came true and what didn't.    It is from the April/May 1977 issue

Get your Wings!
By Jennie S.

Because we're a bit short on space this issue, I'll attempt an abbreviated version of the news.  Paul was in New York city in late April and Pattie and I (along with Jude, Maddy and the rest of the gang) had the good fortune of seeing him on April 30th.  As you can see from the photo (Taken by Patti), he's looking fine!  Linda's looking well, too and the kids are getting so big!   While in New York, the Macs went to see the musical, "Annie" and chatted with the cast afterwards.  One evening Heather and a girlfriend went to see "Grease."   Paul, Linda, Ringo and Nancy were spotted walking and talking outside the Plaza one afternoon.  Ringo and Nancy met Paul and Linda by chance while Paul and Linda were walking back to their hotel from Madison Square Garden, where they had left the kids to see the circus.  I also heard that Ringo, Nancy, Paul , Linda, John and Yoko were all out together one evening.   As mentioned before, Wings did some recording at the beginning of this year.  No planned release date for any of that material yet.  It has been announced on the radio in New York that Paul has signed with CBS; his contract with Capitol/EMI expires soon.  Watch for a new McCartney composition on Roger Daltry's new solo lp.  also, Paul puts in an appearance on the new Roy Harper album, and has given Frank Sinatra a song called "Suicide."   In addition to a planned addition onto the house in London, Paul's had some work done at the farm in Scotland - the barn has been transformed into recording studios, which he calls, "Rude Studios." 

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