Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today's Secret Gig

Paul made an unannounced appearance today at a Fine Arts High School in New York.   Everyone is making it sound that the student's were called into an assembly and then surprise....Paul McCartney concert.  But the tip I heard was that there were rumors going around the school yesterday that Paul was going to be at the school today.    So while the students were surprised (who wouldn't be surprised if Paul McCartney showed up at your High School?), it wasn't a total and complete shock.  

I am sure the 400 students that were there enjoy Paul McCartney's music.   They are Fine Art's students, most of them are studying music, so I would guess that the majority of them are familiar with Paul and enjoy his work.   However, I am curious as to how many are really McCartney fans.  How many of the teenagers in the crowd would have paid the big money for tickets to a McCartney concert and how many had planned on buying "New" next week?  

Paul played an abbreviated version of his "Out there" tour set (with a few of his songs from "New" thrown in) and he took questions from the students a few times.   According to U.S.A. Today, the questions were, "benign and dealt with broad issues."      The only think I have left to say is that my teaching job would suddenly become a million times better if Paul McCartney came and did an assembly.    Instead I get to hear the first year band squeak out "Hot Crossed Buns" for another year. McCartney there!   Oh well.

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  1. Whoah!!!

    By the look of the students, they're into it!

    I see kids with Beatle shirts CONSTANTLY here in NYC. Of all races, I'd like to add! All races, and all ages, and definitely kids, so...I'm sure some of these kids were fans, to be sure! I know my two nieces and my one nephew loves 'em.......and we know that WE loved them at that age!