Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Mystery has been solved....maybe?

Well, I guess we can stop looking for the fans in that photo that Ringo has been trying to figure out the identities to.   Someone from Boston has came forward to say that they were former classmates of his at a high school in New Jersey.

The fans names are Gary Van Dursen (driving), who has sadly passed away,  Robert Toth (in the passenger seat), Charles Schwartz (leaning out the car window),  Matty Blender (girl on the left) who sadly has also passed away and Arlen Norbe Ressler (the girl on the right).    Interestingly enough the young man in the far back, the one that Ringo is the most interested in, was not named.

The story was that these young people skipped school on February 7, 1964 to see the Beatles at the airport.  They missed seeing the Beatles and started to drive back home, when they saw four limousines.   They thought they might be for a funeral, but come to find out they were for the Beatles.  (I have never known the Beatles to each have his own limo....SS).     They rolled down the window to get a closer look inside and Ringo rolled down the window to get a closer look at them and then he snapped the photo.

I find it interesting that while Ringo thought the photo was taken in Miami,  this information is from New York, as I suspected.

This sounds basically like a solved mystery, however when someone did some detective work, they discovered that none of the names given could be found in a 1964 yearbook of that school.    So it is still somewhat of an unsolved mystery, but getting closer to finding out the truth.  


  1. Looks like you were right! It was NY. One of the guys has come forward, now:

  2. Honestly the best part for me is that they got suspended for four days, but now their principal said they totally did the right thing ditching school to see the Beatles! ;-)