Monday, October 14, 2013

So there misbelievers

This was on ebay a couple of weeks ago.  I lost the auction, but I wanted to share it.   I just love this story that was written on the back of the picture.   So there misbelievers!   I guess when this girl got back home from her vacation, no one believed that she met the Beatles. 

This picture was picked up while we stopped on a city tour, we were in New York City on vacation on (sic) it just so happened The Beatles started their 1965 tour in the same city, we were on a N.Y.C. tour when we passed the Ed Sullivan studio and girls were everywhere yelling but I had to stay on the bus and finish the tour which ended in two hours!   It was terrible knowing The Beatles were right there yet some nut wanted to show you the stupid city.   Finally after the tour was over (bus tour) we were let out in the middle of town, not knowing which end of town to go to,  I talked Mom into some window shopping (I had beatles shopping on my  mind). Lucky for me I picked the right end of town.  When we did reach the Ed Sullivan studio I said, “Gosh look what’s here.”  But Mom said she knew I planned it, but she let me stay. We didn’t get in, we just saw Paul and Ringo a couple of times.  But the next day (the day we were to see them in person at Shea Stadium), Mom and I got into their hotel  and got their autographs.  They are really four fab guys.  They aren’t a bit stuck on themselves (I think).
P.S. I have proof of this story, autographs, tickets and pictures.  So there misbelievers.


  1. Please CMIIW, but this photo looks like some of the ones I've seen that were taken during their 1964 U.S. tour. I wasn't sure until I looked at George's suit. I'm pretty sure he wasn't still wearing velvet collars in '65. So....hmmm....unfortunately I'm not sure what to make of the authenticity of this girls story. Looks to me like she just picked up an old photo of them somewhere and pretended she had met them! Also, if she really met them, why didn't she take her own photo? They're not even looking at her in this photo because she wasn't there.

  2. I hate to do this because it's such a cute story but.....I am weighing in! I am concurring with Girl (long inhale....) (get it?! Ha!)! That is definitely first American tour! says that she "picked up" the picture, not that she took it herself! And as for why didn't she take her own photo? As the story was a surprise, she didn't know she was going to go, so....hence, no picture!

    So I'm not saying she's a liar...or saying I'm a misbeliever!...but that picture is definitely 1964 US tour!

  3. PS: Rereading the story, at the end, it looks as if there WERE pictures taken.....just not this one!

    Oh well, it's still really cute that she wrote all that on the back of the picture. At worst, it's a Beatlefan artifact, if not a Beatle one!

  4. From what I think of this is that the girl bought the photo of the Beatles (this is the New York press conference from the summer of 1964) while on vacation in New York in August 1965. She then wrote about her experience in meeting the Beatles on the back of that photo that she bought and mailed it out to a Beatles pen-pal. Now is what she wrote true? Without knowing who the girl is and seeing the autographs or photos that she took, we will never know the truth. Although she does have her facts straight...the Beatles did indeed appear on Ed Sullivan and then Shea Stadium. If this didn't happen and she exaggerated some of the story, I hope that she at least did see the concert. It is still a great piece of Beatlemania history for sure!

    1. Right on, Sara, thanks for the clarification!!! That's what I thought as well!!!

      I am no longer a misbeliever!!! (I was never a complete - or should I say compleat! - misbeliever, mind you!!!)