Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MTBFR October Update

Greetings Beatle fans around the world!   Your friendly Beatles blogger, Sara here yet again.   Welcome to all newcomers to this blog!   I am so happy that you are here with us.

Can you all feel the excitement in the air?   It is a great time to be a Beatles fan at the moment.   I am super-excited for the release of the new BBC album in November.   A "new" Beatles album is always exciting and I am happy to be able to be experiencing another Beatles release.   Of course right now Paul is making the rounds right now on talk shows promoting his album, "New" that will be out this time next week.   And there are a bunch of Beatles books coming out within the next month are must haves, the most important one in that bunch is Mark Lewisohn's book, Tune In, which is coming out this Thursday.   I pre-ordered mine, so I am not sure when it will be coming from The Fest.   But I am so anxious to start reading it!     I think Mark Lewisohn's books are always outstanding.     My big news is that Mark Lewisohn has a new website and in his links section has listed this very blog as one he recommends!   Can you even believe that?   I had no idea that Mark Lewisohn  knew about this blog and much less he liked it!    And I am in wonderful company with Miss Tammy's Beatle Photo Blog, Sean's Kenwood Blog, Roger's Wogblog and my favorite podcast, the Fab 4 Free For All.

I have an announcement of a great contest coming up very soon that you all will want to enter.   I am really hoping to get more participation in the contests and I think this one will be one you all will want to enter.     So keep looking here for more information!


  1. And so you deserve a mention! Your blog is great, it brings alive so much about what being a fan is, but also shows how good the Beatles themselves are/were to their fans. You really bring that excitement to life in a nice, real, way. Keep it up ya?

  2. Well, that does it......what more can we want???!!

    The only thing to say to that - other than congratulations, Sara! - the only other thing to say to that is.....Mark, love you, man!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! (just in case he's here right now!!!). Don't be a stranger!