Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hooray for Paul's socks at Cavendish!

So these are not fan photos at all, and I am most likely stealing Miss Tammy's future post with these, but I just had to share them, because look at Paul's socks!     These are just such happy photos.   I feel sick today and I need some happy Paul photos standing in his socks on the back steps of Cavendish to cheer me up.

Photos were found here. 


  1. Happy indeed! Get well soon! So no fan-photos, does that mean they were taken by Linda. Rock`n`roll spring time comes to mind - the sun is out, the beard is off... or was that in 68?

  2. feel better soon, dear sara! i'm pretty sure these are linda photos. and i'm glad i was not the one to wash those socks clean... they must have needed a lot of scrubbing!

  3. omg they look like the ones that linda used to wear!!! how funny!