Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Backseat driver

This is one of many photos that I purchased in the past few months.   It was taken in Houston, Texas on August 19, 1965. 

I bought these photos off ebay and I asked the seller about who owns the copyright.   I got an interesting answer.   I was told that there "was no copyright."   She (or someone related to her) used to work at Fox photos in Houston and the person who took these photos dropped the film off to be developed, the seller (or whoever) just made a set for herself.

This is actually something I have never thought of before.   I wonder how many other Beatle photos were snagged by workers at photo shops.  


  1. It doesn't look like 1965 to me. In August 1965 George wore much much longer hair.

  2. It's the US tour Aug-Sept 1964 so perhaps Dallas?

  3. George's hair might look shorter in this photo, but I am pretty sure all of the photos I have are from Houston 1965.