Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And the winners are.....

So the Beatles put all of your contestants' (all 31 of you I might add...the most ever!) names into a hat and pulled out the two winners of the Liverpool/London Beatles souvenir prize pack.  And the winners are...  (Ringo can we have a drum roll please?).

Oak and Maria!!

Congratulations goes out to Oak and Maria!!   If you two would please email me your address, I will get your prizes out to you as soon as I can.

Some of you were wondering about the outcome of the question I asked.   So here are the results of that.   Of the 30 people who entered, 8 had been to Liverpool at one time in their life.    For some, it has been a long time, for others it was more recent.

The top places that those who have been to Liverpool liked the most were:
1.  Mendips (3 votes)
2.  The Grapes (2 votes)
3.  Strawberry Field (1 vote)
4.  The Cavern Club (1 vote)
5.  The Beatles Story Exhibit (1 vote)

The other 22 contestants who have never been to Liverpool, mostly have one thing in mind:  They want to see the Beatles childhood homes.   That seems to be the most common answer in some form, with 10 people total saying either an individual Beatles' childhood home or just childhood homes.  Here is the breakdown

1.  Mendips (5 votes)
2.  Strawberry Field (4 votes)
3.  Paul McCartney's childhood home (3 votes)
4.  The Cavern Club (3 votes)
5.  All of the Beatles childhood homes (2 votes)
6.  Penny Lane (1 vote)
7.  St. Peter's church (1 vote)
8.  The Grapes (1 vote)
9.  The Beatles Story Exhibit (1 vote)
10 Casbah Club (1 vote)
11.  Everywhere (1 vote...sort of a cheating answer....haha!)

So there you have it!   As for me, I have to agree with the majority here, Mendips was my favorite place to go in Liverpool.  Something about standing in John's bedroom and looking out of that window and standing in the front porch is just super special.   A close second place is somewhere that was barely  mentioned, and that is the Casbah club!   Unlike the Cavern (which is cool...don't get me wrong) the Casbah is still exactly like it was when the Beatles were there.   It hasn't been torn down.  John Lennon carved his name in the wall twice and it is still there!  You gotta see it if you are in Liverpool.

That being said, if you are planning on going, please consider using Tony at the Beatles Pilgrimage tours for your trip.   You get an amazing experience of both Liverpool and London.

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